Frequently Asked Questions about Upward

1. What do you teach the children?

On the sports side, we concentrate on the fundamentals of soccer and teamwork. We will progressively build throughout the season as the players learn and develop. Each team will also spend about 10 minutes of each practice going over a devotion from the Bible. Some of the take-home material includes Bible verses and the players are encourage to memorize a different verse every 3rd week or so. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will be presented during the last practice.


2. Where can I register my child(ren) for soccer?

We offer 2 methods for registration, online and in-person. For online registration, go to www.myrtlelake.org/upward. You may also pick up a registration form from the church office Mon – Fri between 9am – noon or on Sundays between 9am – noon. Complete this form and bring it, along with payment to your evaluation.


3. How important is flexibility regarding preferences and requests when I register my


In a word, very! As you can imagine, trying to accommodate carpool links, coach links and practice night needs can be difficult. We ask that you be as flexible as you can be as it makes creating the league much easier.


4. What is the cost and what is included?

The cost is $99 per player if paid by Aug. 21
and $119 per player after that. We also offer a $5 discount per child for each additional player. The cost covers the full uniform (jersey, shorts and socks), water bottle, end-of-season gift and a few other “goodies” from Upward. We also include a copy of the team photo.

5. What is the purpose of evaluations?

In an effort to create teams of even talent, each player must participate in 6 soccer-related drills that are either scored or timed. These results are fed into the Upward software so the program can draft teams relatively. This is NOT a try-out, but rather a method to give us an idea of your child’s basic aptitude for soccer.

6. When and where are evaluations held?

We will be holding evaluations from 8am – noon on Saturday, Aug. 12 and Aug. 19th at the Church @ Myrtle Lake. No appointment is needed, just show up. Each player need only participate on 1 evaluation, so arrive on evaluation day that works best for you and your

7. How long do evaluations take and what do I need to bring?

Each evaluation takes approximately 15-20 minutes per child. If you have multiple children who are being evaluated, we will do our best to run then through the drills together. We ask that your child wear play clothes and footwear conducive to running on grass. It is sometimes damp, especially in the early morning hours and cleats are recommended. A full water bottle is also a good idea.

8. What are the team colors?

We don’t know the colors just yet, but we will soon. However, it is important to note that all jerseys are reversible with the “home” color on one side and the “away” color on the other. When you receive your game schedule shortly after practices begin, which will indicate which color your team is wearing each week. And if you arrive at the field wearing the wrong
color, simply flip the jersey the other way.

9. Is there equipment that the parents must purchase separately?

Each child will be required to wear shin guards and cleats. These items can be purchased at Wal-Mart or any sporting goods store. Your child may wish to bring his/her own soccer ball for practice and this is certainly allowed and encourage, but not required.

10. When and where are practices held?

Each team will practice 1 night per week for 1 hour. Practice nights are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays OR Fridays. Your team will practice on the same night each week. We generally practice from 6pm – 7pm, although the exact start time of your team’s practice will be discussed at the first practice. The first week for practices is the week of Aug. 28th. All practices are held at the church.

11. When and where are the games played?

All of our games are played at the church on Saturdays starting Sept. 9th and running through Nov. 4th. Our K5-2nd grade division will start at 8:00am, the 3rd-5th grade division will start at either 8:00am or 9:30am and the 6th-8th grade division will start at 11:00am. All game times are subject to change.

12. Are background check conducted for your staff?

Yes! Every person who works in our Upward Sports Ministry must pass a background check.

13. What if my child(ren) cannot practice on one of the practice nights?

While we ask for as much flexibility as possible regarding your practice night availability, we understand that you and/or your child(ren) may be committed elsewhere on either a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evening. When you register, simply check ONE night you are not available and the software will avoid putting your child on a team that practices that night and will instead put then on a team that practices one of the other nights when you are available.

14. Are photos available?

Yes! We employ a professional photographer, Dr. Tom Porter w/ Photos At Your Place to take individual photos which are available for purchase. We also take a team photos, which each player will receive at the End of Season Celebration.

15. Are scholarships available?

We do offer partial and full scholarships based on need. It is our mission that every child who wants to play is able. Any scholarship requests will be kept private.

16. Can I donate to help fund scholarships?

Yes! When you register online, there is a place to add a donation of any amount to your payment. If you are paying in person, just designate the amount on your check.

17. Can my child play on the same team as their friend?

You may indicate another player by name in the carpool link field in the online or paper registration form. While we cannot guarantee we can accommodate this request, we will do our best.

18. I have multiple children playing in the league. How can I request that they practice on

the same night?

On the registration form for the first child, input the second child’s name in the carpool link field. Then on the registration form for the second child, input the first child’s name on their registration form.

19. Can my child play for a specific coach?

You may indicate a coach by name in the coach link field in the online or paper registration form. While we cannot guarantee we can accommodate this request, we will do our best.

20. Will my child receive a trophy?

Yes! At our end-of-season Celebration, each child receives a trophy and a couple of other “goodies” from the Church @ Myrtle Lake and Upward.

21. Where else can I get information about Upward Soccer at the Church @ Myrtle Lake?

“Like” our Facebook page www.facebook.com/UpwardSportsMLBC. You can also email League Director Curt Hinson at chinson@myrtlelake.org.