Myrtle Lake Library 

Looking for a book?



Sunday, June 10 – Sunday, August 12, 2018



Reading Materials

Books are allowed from the church, public &/or your school libraries. Audio books and eBooks are also allowed. You may read books from your own library collection or from a friend! You are encouraged to read whole books of the Bible during this reading period! Please be sure to count any books that you are required to read for school too.


Eligible Participants

All students preschool through high school are eligible to participate in this Summer Reading Club Challenge!   Note: The only temporary exception is if a student has unreturned or lost media that was previously checked out to them, but not returned or paid for. There is a very simple fix for this, simply return the media or pay for the lost media, and the student’s record will once again be clear!

Specific Information

Preschoolers – May be read to! Elementary, Middle School, & High School Students – You are encouraged to read books on or above your reading level. You may receive assistance from older siblings or adults. High School Students – The library contains many of the literary classics that you may be encouraged to read for your next grade level or even for college.

Point SystemClick here for a reading form.  1 pt. for all media that originated outside our church library. 5 pts. for all media checked out from our library. 5 pts. for all Accelerated Reader books Read &/or Sunshine Readers. 10 pts. for all books of the Bible read. 5 pts. for every book referral    completed. 10 pts. for every Bible book form completed (download here).  You may also choose to review the book(s) you’ve read by clicking here to download a “Book Referral Form.”


Prizes and Awards

1 Prize – For every 10 points earned. Special Unique Prize will be awarded to the top point achievers for the male and female participants! All participants will receive a Summer Reading Certificate!

Special Dates

Sunday Aug. 12 – Return all completed reading lists and forms to the library. (Grace period will be Wednesday, Aug. 15.) Sunday, Aug. 19 – Summer Reading Celebration in the library! Breakfast will be provided and prizes and awards will be given! The library will be open by 8:15 a.m.! Drop in, eat and claim your prizes!

Special Notes  – Sunshine Readers and Accelerated Readers are available at the public library. Our church contains some Accelerated Readers.  WebOpac is now available for you to use to select and reserve library media for check-out! The library team will check it out to you or your parent and have them ready for pick up the following Wednesday or Sunday! Come to the library for more information and your own card!