Myrtle Lake Library 

Looking for a book?

Adult Media, Library Services, & Contribution Challenge!

September 2–November 25


All adults, 18 years old and older are encouraged to become involved!

We are encouraging friendly and fun competition between Sunday school classes and the In-service group!

Special Note: In-service team consists of the pastors and their wives, teachers and their spouses, and any member of the church who is part of a ministry and is unable to consistently attend Sunday school because of their ministry time commitment.

Point System

5 points:

  • For every type of media (book, DVD, &/or CD) checked out from the library, read, viewed, or listened to by the patron.
  • For every piece of media contributed to our library inventory! (Family/Faith supportive books, DVDs, & CDs accepted. Gently used pieces of media accepted.)
  • All Core Course Books.
  • All free and deleted media from our library.

10 points:

  • For every complete book of the Bible read.

 50 points:

  • For every completed Reading Referral Sheet completed. (On the form there will be space for 5 books read.)

100 points:

  • For every completed Books of the Bible Reading Sheet completed. On the form there will be space for 10 books of the Bible completed.
  • For all gently used or purchased pieces of media selected from our Most Wanted Media List. (The list will be posted on the WebOpac library inventory page).

Special Note:  The criteria for this challenge and downloadable reading sheets, referral and Bible book reports are on the library page (right before the WebOpac inventory page). Those of you who do not have access to a computer or printer, please come by the library for your hardcopy of the forms needed!


  • The top 2 scorers will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a surprise gift offered by an anonymous donor
  • The top scoring Sunday school class or In-service group will be able to choose 2 prizes from our prize collection.
  • All participants may choose 1 prize from our prize collection.
  • All participants will be rewarded with a special breakfast hosted in the library on December 9.


Important Dates:  Sunday, November 25  

  • All reading sheets & completed forms need to be turned in to the library


Sunday, December 9 

  • The winning Sunday school class or In-service group will be announced! The top 2 scorers for the contest will receive their special rewards; the top Sunday school class or In-service group will receive 2 prizes; All participants will receive 1prize!
  • The Library team will host a celebratory breakfast for all winners and participants in the library, The Library will be open from 8:15 until 9;00; and again after Sunday school!

 In His service,

Linda Sarratt, Library Representative